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About the company

Agroalliance Ukraine Ltd. - is a company that supplies a wide range of agricultural products on the Ukrainian market

We are located in the Kherson region,Kakhovka tel/fax: +38 (0552) 448980.

Main business areas:


1. Foliar fertilizers OMEX ( manufacturer - England ).

2. High quality equipment for garlic and vegetables cultivation from the company JJ Broch, S.L. ( manufacturer - Spain ).

3. Vegetable seeds of Dutch and American selection.

4. Drip irrigation systems.


Our business line

1. Foliar application of plant fertilizers OMEX company Omex Agrifluids Ltd. Saddlebow Road, King's Lynn Norfolk, PE34 3JA, England.


The uniqueness of OMEX fertilizers:


Formulation of fertilizers - emulsion.
This allows to use fertilizers in the early periods of plant growth and development, when the ambient temperature does not allow the use other fertilizers.
Formulation of fertilizers is built on the physiological needs of plants in different stages of growth and development of plants.


The presence of silicone adhesive with reactivation and hydration function allows to use OMEX in stressful periods of growth and development of crops. Even small dew is enough  to OMEX fertilizers to begin again to flow into the leaf surface of plants.

OMEX is compatible with almost all products of plant protection, except those that contains fosetyl aluminum.
Use in tank mixtures with pesticides provides long and prolonged effects of preparations.


OMEX can be applied to all crops.


One of the main conditions for a stable and high yields of vegetables is - leaf-feeding plants.
Use OMEX foliar fertilizers is conducive to growth and development of plants.
The low cost of fertilizers for foliar feeding OMEX and it's use helps to ensure a high yield and quality, and finally results in high recovery of costs of these fertilizers.


We advise on the application of fertilizers:
 - Grain and industrial crops;
 - Vegetables;
 - Orchards and vineyards;
 - On berry crops.


2. Technique for growing garlic from the Spanish company JJ Broch, S.L. c / Oviedo, 1 y 3 Arganda del Rey Madrid, Spain.


We supply to Ukraine technique for preparation for planting, planting, harvesting and post harvest handling of garlic. As well as equipment for potatoes and onion. Precision seeder mechanical type.

Our employees find out the needs of the client, based on which, search and process information to help the customer in choosing the ideal for their needs of agricultural machinery.

We carry out commissioning, whereby the customer gets with the equipment a range of specialized services for setting up equipment before the initial start-up.

We carry out the delivery of equipment to the client, looking for the best option of delivery, the logistics company, and carefully monitor the process of transportation.



3. Agroalliance Ukraine Ltd. is one of the largest in Ukraine distributor of vegetable seeds Dutch and American selection.


We offer our customers a wide range of vegetable seeds as cooperating with several seed companies, in order for the client to get complete information about the products of these companies able to choose the most suitable conditions for its product.

We were able to establish ourselves as a leader and trusted partner in the sale of vegetable seeds.